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A rotable is a part which is removed periodically as dictated by an operator's maintenance program or on an as-needed basis and is typically repaired or overhauled and re-used an indefinite number of times. An important subset of rotables is life limited parts. A life limited rotable has a designated number of allowable flight hours and/or cycles (one take-off and landing generally constitutes one cycle) after which it is rendered unusable.

A repairable is similar to a rotable except that it can only be repaired a limited number of times before it must be discarded.

An expendable is generally a part which is used and not thereafter repaired for further use.


Better inventory management includes the capability to track three key categories of stock: consumable(non-serialized and considered used or depleted when issued), repairable (nonserialized, but capable ofbeing repaired), and rotable (serialized and repairable).

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