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Airbus A380 unveiled a milestone in the history of aviation : .....Airbus is a successful example of European industrial cooperation involving Germany, France, Great Britain, and Spain.

The Airbus A380-800 is the world's largest passenger aircraft and sets new standards for comfort, fuel efficiency, and environmental friendliness. The baseline version in a three-class configuration has 555 seats, but in a single-class configuration this could be increased to 840. The amount of space on the A380 makes it feasible to install conveniences such as bars, shops, and recreation rooms. As a passenger plane it will have a range of around 15,000 kilometers. The cargo version will be able to fly a payload of 150 tons a distance of up to 10,500 kilometers.

The front and rear sections of the fuselage are made in Germany. The middle section comes from France. Great Britain provides the wings and Spain the tail section. More than a hundred companies from around the world supply parts. The plane is assembled in Toulouse. Interior installations and the final paint job are done in Hamburg.

The new plane was developed in close cooperation with airlines, airport administrations, and aviation licensing authorities.

After completion of test flights the first A380 is scheduled to begin commercial service with launch customer Singapore Airlines in the spring of 2006. Lufthansa will take delivery of the first of fifteen ordered planes in the summer of 2007. Thus far Airbus has received 139 orders from airlines around the world......

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