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Dave : ...Anyone can be a hero of this revolution...


Collected our new car today...


I went to the police station to get a letter stating that 'front license plate of car is lost'


We went to Oberhausen today


We went to Frankfurt today - spent most of the time in/near Kaiserstrasse


Yesterday, We solved the supposedly Einstein's Challenge first :-)


we are going to Birkenau today - "hot nights...cold beers" party at K's colleague's place...

Setup Personal info for Kishore Balakrishnan at http://www.advogato.org


Disconnecting the emotions from mother's death


Gayathri Japam

UserLand Most read sites on 2001 August 05


learnt that Mouli's mother passed away yesterday at 6AM - sad... Sivananda's What Becomes of the Soul after Death might help...

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