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Madras Homoeo Pharmacy was found in the year 1962 (September, 2) at 113, Usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai 600 017. In those days there were no homoeopathic pharmacies in South Madras area and people practising in South Madras and beyond have no other go except to go to North Madras even to get one dram of medicine. The cost of the medicine is less and the conveyance charges were very high. The opening of Madras Homoeo Pharmacy was a boon to every homoeopath of this area.

Genuine homoeopathic medicines were stocked in this pharmacy manufactured in America, German and Calcutta in India. Calcutta (in West Bengal) is an important city in India where many established homoeopathic manufacturing pharmacies are functioning for more than eighty years. Having good experience in the manufacturing side, Dr. Swamy uses to get medicines only from genuine pharmacies both for his practice and sales.

As a classical homoeopath, Dr.Swamy is not in support of patent drugs or the combination of medicines in homoeo practice. In homoeopathy one has to study the totality of symptoms of the patient (both physical, mental and peculiar symptoms). Even minor symptoms ignored by the patient and his/her behaviour also will be a guiding symptom to the true homoeopath to select the correct medicine. Mere pathological findings are not enough to decide a medicine in the system of homoeopathy.

In homoeopathy potentisation of medicines is very important to homoeopaths. Normally low potencies are used in acute cases and higher potencies in chronic cases. Madras Homoeo Pharmacy stocks all the important medicines in both low and high potencies. Madras Homoeo Pharmacy is now 42 years old and is running successfully with the support of its patrons and customers who have great faith in its supplies. The Pharmacy will continue its service to the humanity with the genuine supply of medicines.


Dr. K. V. Swamy

Dr. K.V. Swamy is a leading homoeopathic medical Practitioner of Tamilnadu for the last 53 years. He is having his Clinic at Theagarayanagar, Chennai. He had his homoeopathic education and training at Indian Institute of Homoeopaths under the able guidance of its founder Dr.V.R. Murty who was called the ‘Hahnemann’ of Tamilnadu in those days. (Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a German Doctor, is the founder of this system Homoeopathy.)

Dr. V.R. Murty began his practice in a remote village of Tanjore District of Tamilnadu in 1935 where medical facility was not available in those days and he was called ‘German doctor’ by the villagers as the system was found by a German. Finding his success in treating village people, he wanted to spread the system of Homoeopathy throughout the country and started a correspondence course in English and regional language Tamil. Thousands and thousands of people joined this course and learnt the science homoeopathy and began their practice in villages. In those days homoeopathy was little known to the people and there were no colleges to teach this system as a regular medical education. Correspondence course was wholly responsible for the propagation of homoeopathy and these practitioners gave pressure to the Government both in the State and Centre to recognise this system and start homoeopathic colleges and register the practitioners and conducted many conferences to stress the efficacy of homoeopathy.

Dr. Swamy who was with Dr. Murty and practicing with him for 15 years was well trained in the practice and also in journalism to write articles in homoeopathy and he as the sub-editor of the Institute’s medical journal ‘Homoeopathy’ published in English and Tamil. Dr. Swamy has contributed many articles and essays on homoeopathic medicines and therapeutic hints that were very well appreciated by fellow Homoeopaths. The Institution had its own manufacturing Laboratory for the manufacture of homoeopathic medicines and Dr. Swamy was well trained in the manufacturing side of medicines also.

Dr. Swamy has set up his own Clinic and Pharmacy in the year 1962 under the name and style ‘ Madras Homoeo Pharmacy’ that was declared opened by his Guru Dr. V.R. Murty under the presidentship of Dr. Shankar Rao Koppikkar, the prominent homoeopath of Chennai. Since there was no recognition or Registration available in those days in Tamilnadu for homoeopaths, Dr.Swamy obtained his Registration from the Andhra Board for Homoeopathy by writing an examination conducted by the Board in the year 1964. Tamilnadu Government set up a council on le in the year 1972 and began to register practising Homoeopaths. The Government also opened a Homoeopathic College in the same year and now running the college in Tirumangalam, Madurai District of Tamilnadu.

Dr. Swamy in his practice of 53 years has cured many chronic diseases like, arthritis, enlarged tonsils, bronchitis, women’s ailments (uterus cancer, fibroid and cyst in ovaries) breast cancer, appendicitis, ulcers of the stomach etc. He has saved many diseases that were required surgical treatment. Patients once convinced by his treatment do not go for other systems of medicine and he is the family physician of many. He has patients all over the world and they take his advice now and then through phone and mail service.

Dr. Swamy is the patron of Registered Homoeo Doctors Association and is a member of the Madras Presidency Homoeopathic Association for many years. He himself has conducted many conferences to propagate the system of Homoeopathy.He was awarded the merit ‘BEST HOMOEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN’ BY THE Wisdom International in 1998.

Dr. Swamy is assisted in his practice by Dr. Lalitha Mahalakshmi and Dr. V. Bhaskaran. Dr. Lalitha Mahalakshmi had her homoeopathic education in Indian Institute of Homoeopaths and Dr. Bhaskaran in Madras Presidency Homoeopathic Association.



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Madras Homoeo Pharmacy
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