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Guruji Sri Muralidhara Swamigal

"He who opens your heart and gives you knowledge of God, he is Guru.

Don't use intellect but use only heart to heart feelings to know who is Guru.

Believe in your heart."

Sri Swamigal's Birth Anniversary Message (21 Oct '98)

We are all really fortunate...

This world is so vast; millions live in this world. While their life is going on somehow, our life is a lot different from theirs. The reason?... Our Lord Sri Krishna has taken us all as his very own folk and that is the reason. So for us this divine company (Sath Sangam) is indeed a boon and good fortune. But can we just be complacent with this?

When we see someone without hands, we do feel, "Thank goodness, we are healthy and our hands are intact! We should take good care of this, else we may be reduced to his state." True, but over and above this, a intelligent person would also strive to use his healthy hands to do as much good deeds possible when it is still healthy. Right?

Similarly, realising that getting into a Sath Sangam (and a Sathguru, of course) is indeed a rare stroke of good fortune, one should strive to utilise this god' s gift wisely. But what is 'utilising' a Sath Sangam?

In spite of being a part of a Sath Sangam, if we still lead a life of lust, anger and laziness; if we still lead a life different from what is prescribed by the scriptures, what is the difference between a person in a Sath Sangam and one who hasn't had the good fortune of being a part of a Sath Sangam? We should lead a life that is a role model to others; a life, seeing which others should feel envious with blatant appreciation and wonder; and not a wanton life subject to world's mockery. When we tell others that we have taken refuge in a Sathguru or a Sath Sangam for so many years, we should reflect on our level of maturity to face this world, we should do some soul searching to find if we have really progressed spiritually. Our age is rolling on, but if we are still struggling without spiritual progress and mental peace, what is the use?

There are some who are "Giant Starters". He typically starts grandly in any field with such zeal and enthusiasm that could make others jealous. As the time passes, when he starts facing obstacles, his zeal and fire die slowly yet steadily, and ultimately he winds up the task he had embarked upon. If he builds a house, when it is new, he keeps everything spic and span, but as time rolls on his negligence towards the upkeep of the house increases and pretty soon his house would look like a dirty den with cobwebs hanging all around! Anything new attracts his attention and his interest deteriorates in due course of time.

Similarly, getting on to a Sadhana with seriousness at start, on reaching a Sath Sangam or on reading some books on spirituality or on hearing from someone, then abandoning the efforts after sometime is of no use. The zeal and intensity of a Sadhak while starting on a path should only grow more intense in the course of the Sadhana and should not wane till the goal is reached.

Mind, due to is very nature is ever-vacillating. Many a time we find that our senses, losing control pull us down. Those are the times when we shouldn't lose heart and accept failure; we should gird up loins and bravely wade through such difficult times. Whenever we find our mind going astray, we should pray with all our heart, earnestly. This gives good results. When we sit for meditation or Japam (silent Chanting of Lord's name), we find that our mind becomes one-pointed. Praying during such instances certainly yields the fruits. What I am driving at is that, if you know what is obstructing your way of spiritual progress, and if you sincerely pray to get the obstacle removed, your prayer shall be fulfilled. In a one-pointed mind, Bhakthi or Gnanam (divine wisdom) finds its place easily. We shouldn't talk much unnecessarily. Chatterboxes are certainly not the Champions of achievements. The minds of those who talk much would always be vacillating .

Our dress should be clean; our food should be clean and consumed in right quantities at the right time. We should be ever cheerful and brave; we should never get upset for anything; we should not worry over others' gossip and unjust reproach, we should take this as the "part of this game called life"; we should never get angry; we should be humble and show love towards one and all; we should be forgiving; we should never waste our precious time; we should see the good in all. Hurting others with our words is the worst kind of violence.

Now you may ask me, why we should live the way I have described above. If you want Sri Krishna, this is the only way. If we can live this way, we would have a pleasing and a bovine countenance of a beautiful deer or a peaceful cow. We should not look fearful and belligerant like a lion or a tiger!

We should never mock at or make fun of anybody. If we are always playful, without much seriousness, our life would also playfully pass by, fruitlessly. We should have some seriousness in any of our endeavors. We should ALWAYS THINK POSITIVELY, dismissing such dismal thoughts like "I am born unlucky" or 'I am a sinner' and the like. We should have courage and faith in ourselves and should always think that we can achieve everything we want to. We should never try to hide from problems; but act with faith and with a steady mind.

'All that happen, is the act of God. God would gladly take on our life's burdens '.

I have said this many a time. But, if you dont understand this properly you would become lazy and your life would go in vain. God is ready to take on the burden of his devotees only, who are constantly thinking of the Lord, totally forgetting this world.

God never promised to take on the life's burden of those, who spend a few minutes in Japam, apply sandal paste on their forehead, wear a tulasi mala, but spend their time in vain, watching movies or watching television, going around the neighbourhood to gossip on his half baked knowledge on spirituality, eating wantonly and spending the major part of the day sleeping, in short leading a vain life of laziness. So if you misunderstand spirituality you shall become lazy and useless!

Dont get fooled by miracles and other wonderful happenings we see in this world. They are temporal. If you see the life sketches of various saints, we see that they had cured the maladies of many; dissolved the difficulties of many. This is indeed true. But there is a flip side in their life stories too. Don't we see that many of their close devotees faced a lot of difficulties? Materialistic devotion without the philosophical base is useless. So we should know the underlying idea and philosophy when we do Bhakthi. I feel that instead of having a big crowd of empty devotees, if I can make a dozen people divine, the latter is far superior to the former.

I am organising a lot many things like Utsavams, mission for protection of Vedas etc. But if I can make a person chant the name of Hari, I consider this a bigger achievement than the former. I have taken a vow that I shall do good to all and even to those who do evil to me. I also like you all to be likewise .

All those who are associated with this Sath Sangam should lead the life of Dharma; should do Nama Japam and Nama Sankirtanam every day; should be ever helpful to one and all; should be disciplined and in control always. If you can live this way, the Lord shall do all that is required for you. I am not asking you to do giant tasks, but all I ask of you is, let the task be small, but do this with love and sincerity.

Heaven is not anywhere above us, if we know how to live, and live in that manner, this very world becomes a paradise, otherwise this world becomes a hell too. If there is no life after physical death, we can lead a wanton life. But there is life after death, and unless we lead a life which is acceptable to our Lord, we can never reach the lotus feet of Hari.

If each and everyone of you pledge to lead such a life, only this is the true celebration of the "Jayanthi Utsavam".

Sri Swamigal

PS: Jayanthi Utsavam, is the celebration of Sri Swamigal's Birthday anniversary by his devotees.

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